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Welcome to Wootenshire

Wootenshire is a picturesque county nestled improbably just south of Bristol and north of Somerset. It’s a great place for any stray ideas, plots and characters to come and establish a home. However, like any great community we do have some rules.

The Rules

* Wootenshire is part of the real world. Everything that happens here should be explainable. We have no problem welcoming spiritual people of all faiths, and characters should be free to express their beliefs. However, we will not allow any psychic or paranormal behaviour that is verified by outside witnesses. So, no lights in the sky or people levitating or telepathy for example. Your characters are free to pray to their gods and observe unlikely coincidences, but there should always be enough room for a sceptic to explain it all.

* This is a place for contemporary or historical fiction. As long as your stories are set in the real world and either in the present (whenever you're reading this) or the past, then you’ll be fine.

* No fantasy elements are allowed, including but not limited to mysterious creatures, fairies, vampires, werewolves, you get the idea!

* Likewise, sci-fi or speculative fiction are not allowed.

To get started with the wiki, click on this link or see the sitemap Here.

Consistency is our watchword at Wootenshire County Council. The rule of thumb is that any character who speaks in your work and any place that is mentioned should have a page on the wiki. There are many ways to achieve this - the easiest being to apply for an admin account and update the wiki yourself. However if you’re happier with pen and paper or email, get in touch with us here at Wootenshire County Council and we’ll sort it out.

Oh, and the legal stuff. All use of this wiki is subject to the policies below and these links appear on every page.

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